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Jr Indians Cheerleading Roscoe IL
Cheerleading near Roscoe & Rockton IL

Youth Cheerleading Programs

The Jr Indians are proud to offer youth from 4 year old to the 8th grade the opportunity to learn the skills needed to be a well-rounded cheerleader.  From the basic 8 counts, jumps, stunts, tumble and dance, we offer girls the chance to belong to a fun team while cheering for our football program!

Roscoe Lil Indians Cheerleading

LiL' Indians

Age: 4 years - 6 years
Cheerleading near Roscoe, IL


Age: 1st Grade - 8th Grade
Xtreme Cheerleading Program Jr. Indians - Roscoe, IL


Age: 2nd Grade - 8th Grade

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Questions regarding Sideline or Competition cheer can be directed to the RRL Cheer Director below.

Cheer Program Director

Dawn Schreier

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Creating a league with the purpose to instruct youth in the skills of Football and Cheerleading; where they can play, have fun, and make friends.


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