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Our tackle youth football program is designed to create confidence, character, and champions. Your child will learn the fundamentals of football in an encouraging and fun environment that encourages the development of important skills and teamwork.

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Youth Football Programs

Our Junior Tackle football program is available for grades 2nd through 8th grade. Learn the game, practice safety, and build character through sportsmanship while being part of a team and great community.

RRL Football


Age: 7 & 8 years old
Max Ball Carrier Weight: 85 lbs
Game-Day Max Weight: <110lbs
RRL Jr Indians Football


Age: 9 & 10 years old (and under)
Max Ball Carrier Weight: 120 lbs
Game-Day Max Weight: 145 lbs
Youth Jr Indians Football League


Age: 11 & 12 years old (and under)
Max Ball Carrier Weight: 140 lbs
Game-Day Max Weight: 175 lbs

7th Grade & 8th Grade

Max Ball Carrier Weight: None
Game-Day Max Weight: None


While our football league will provide your child with certain items, here is a brief list of what you will need in addition to the provided equipment.

What RRL Jr Indians Provides

  • Personalized Game Jersey

  • Helmet & Chinstrap

  • Shoulder Pads

What You Provide

  • Solid Black Game Pants

  • Practice Pants

  • Girdle or Compression Shorts

  • Mouthguard with Helmet Strap / Tether

  • Practice Jersey with Last Name on back

  • Cleats with Molded Rubber Soles

  • Athletic Supporter / Cup

  • 1/2 Gallon of Water Daily

RRL Football FAQs

Have A Football Question?

Questions regarding our football program can be directed to the football directors

Boys and Girls 2nd - 8th  grade can play RRL Jr Indians Football

Rockton Sports Complex

The NIFC schedule will be released the beginning of August. 

The first games will be scheduled for Aug 13, 2022.

For the first three days of practice the players are to wear cleats, helmet, and a t-shirt with their division and name on the back.

After those three days, it is full football gear. See Equipment page for more information.

Riverside Park in Roscoe or Rockton Sports Complex. PLEASE double check your schedule for location

You are loaned shoulder pads and a helmet, which is to be returned after the last game of the season. You are given a game jersey which is yours to keep at the end of the season.

​You are responsible for the following items:

  • SOLID BLACK game pants (your choice of brands)
  • cleats
  • practice jerseys
  • mouthguard with tether
  • practice pants (optional)
  • athletic supporter (cup) and compression shorts or girdle

NIFC stands for Northern Illinois Football Conference.

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Creating a league with the purpose to instruct youth in the skills of Football and Cheerleading; where they can play, have fun, and make friends.


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